Tige blanche uniquement

Tige blanche uniquement

Prix régulier $65,000.00 Prix réduit$60.00 Épargnez $64,940.00
Taxes incluses.

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Note: You'd only be able to purchase this upper for $60 ONLY if you have purchased the full shoe that comes with the Black and White components. swipe to see the blue component you're purchasing.

  • This is to enable you save cost on buying at least an extra shoe (you're buying at 75% less) 
  • You'd also be contributing to making the world a safer place by reducing our global carbon footprint as the shoes are made from recycled plastic wastes and you're also improving the energy used in making your beautiful shoes 
  • We also understand that you'd like to carry less luggage especially when you travel, hence the modular component of the shoes 

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