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Completely repurposed from plastic wastes, feathery shoes (only 0.5kg), extremely comfortable insole & now fitted with air bubbles.

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5% of your purchase goes to empowering women in underserved communities.

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Lightweight shoes to fit your dynamic lifestyle

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We are loved by many!

"Amazing innovation! A potential partnership would be great for our business"

Adriana Quintero

"The planet appreciates you for this innovation (Africa Innovation Week)"

by Dennis Kibirev

"Promise kept, a dependable brand, 10/10!"

by Yewande Adebowale

"I sooo love your innovation, converting plastic wastes to shoes."

Carla Stones

"Customizable shoes from this startup could help stamp out plastic wastes"

Prachi Patel (IEEE)

Our Journey

Hurrayyyy!!! You can now own your magical shoes as NFTs on