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"Our new patented technology of modular shoes made from old plastic bottles enables you to experience a new form of magic! Infused with air bubbles to give you a feeling of walking on clouds."

air bubbles

walk on clouds

Experience unparalleled comfort and weightlessness with our cutting-edge footwear, expertly designed with innovative Air Bubble technology that effortlessly elevates every step, gives you a feeling of gliding on clouds.

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plychain, by salubata.


Verify the authenticity of your Salubata shoes via a quick QR code and also see our entire product journey; powered by our cutting-edge in-house blockchain innovation, PlyChain.


We have further extended PlyChain technology to help other businesses boost economic, social and environmental resilience, unlock customer trust and help their customers verify authenticity.

Feather-light <0.5kg>

reduces muscle fatigue

Optimised for ultra light weight, highly adaptive to reduce muscle fatigue, lowers heart rate and intended to fit your dynamic lifestyle and healthful needs.

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Reinvent personalisation with our unique modular shoes repurposed from plastic wastes.
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our campaign
Our Kickstarter campaign was oversubscribed by a whopping 116%!
Our mission of stamping out plastic pollution is nearer than ever.
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